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GCL Consulting:

GCL Consulting was started in 2003, under the name “Grian Culture and Language” (still the official name of the business), initially to provide Gaelic language and song courses in the community to adults who were interested. Since that time, it has also provided French and Spanish courses. Now, also using  the acronym GCL Consulting, it offers consulting services in second language methodology, teaching, and content for any language but with specific focus on French, Spanish, and Scottish Gaelic.

The proprietor, AndrewMcFayden, has extensive experience in second language methodology. Having been a practicing secondary school teacher since 1995, and teaching in second language programs since that time, Andrew has had a lot of experience in various types teaching styles in various languages and in various textbook programs each with varying approaches.


Bachelor of Education

Master of Arts

Graduate Diploma in Education

Máster: Diploma Internacional de Profesor de Lengua Española

Second Language teaching experience:

Presently: French as a Second Language/Core French; secondary school

Presently: Spanish as a Second Language; secondary school

Spearheaded school district efforts to create Core French resources for elementary teachers who have to teach French but cannot speak it

Presently: President of Local Specialists’ Association for Modern Languages teachers in Prince George

Past Language Experience:

Fluent in French (began to learn while very young)

Fluent in Spanish (began to learn as an adult)

Fluent in Scottish Gaelic (began to learn as an adult)

Speaks some Italian

Took an immersion course in Mandarin Chinese

Please feel free to read Andrew’s biography for further information.

If you are interested in contacting and/or contracting GCL Consulting, contact Andrew McFayden.

(In case you are wondering, the name “mcbuttons” came from a former merchandising ‘arm’ that I once had, but no longer do.)

Andrew McFayden, B.Ed, M.A., G.D.Ed, M.E.L.E.